Jay Leno leaves the hospital and he reveals his burn scars.

After suffering horrific burns in a gasoline fire a week ago, Jay Leno is making his first public appearance.

The comedian is all smiles in a recently shared photo released in a press statement circulated today. The comic was sent to Grossman Burn Center on November 13 with third-degree burns after a car exploded in his garage.

Leno, who was most recently seen receiving therapy in a hyperbaric chamber in a video made available last week, is shown smiling among staff members of the burn clinic in the picture.

In the image, scars can be seen on his hand, as well as on his chin and the area around it.

Jay will receive follow-up treatment for burns to his face, chest, and hands received in a garage fire at the Grossman Outpatient Burn Clinic after a 10-day stay at the clinic.

The press release continues, “Jay would like everyone to know how appreciative he is for the care he received, as well as all of the well wishes that have been sent his way.” He says he is looking forward to spending Thanksgiving with his family and friends and wishes everyone a happy holiday.

Leno has left the burn center where he was receiving care. The burn center, where the late-night comedian was initially sent to the hospital after the tragedy in his garage the previous Sunday, is where he underwent skin transplant procedures.

Leno’s doctor, Dr. Peter Grossman, stated in a recent interview that his patient was making good progress in therapy and that other patients had observed him walking around, cracking jokes, and giving out cookies.

Leno will heal entirely, according to Dr. Grossman, despite the fact that he expected Leno to have obvious burn scars that may or may not go away.

Leno was informed by Dr. Grossman that his skin scars will be noticeable “for the foreseeable future.” “Our aim is for them to someday be barely noticeable or even invisible,” he said.